Happy Birthday "Fall of the Berlin Wall"! Also, happy birthday Lou Ferrigno!

The passed health care bill in the House included a last minute restriction on abortion coverage—because women's health isn't quite as important as men's health. Right?

The most senior African American congressman offers Obama some pretty good advice on how to push health care through a chickenshit Senate: "Start knockin' heads together!"

The suspect in the Fort Hood Army Base shooting is conscious, and talking—but has yet to be questioned by Army investigators.

Three American hikers
have been detained in Iran, and are being accused of espionage! Quick! Call Chuck Norris and the rest of the… DELTA FORCE!

AMERICAblog launches a boycott against donating to Obama and the DNC—until Don't Ask Don't Tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act are repealed.

Joe Perry of Aerosmith claims that Steven Tyler has quit the band to devote more time to watching reruns of Matlock.

Over 100 fans storm out of an Australian Britney Spears concert, accusing her of lip synching. Umm... where have Australians been for the last ten years?

And speaking of Britney, have you seen this cover of "Womanizer" by androgynous French singer Sliimy? Me likee.