The folks behind ¿Por Qué No? believe their Mississippi shop to be lucky. The empirical proof of this may come from the fire that shut the place down on October 14th. Okay, sure, the fire wasn’t lucky. But the fact that it burned through a water pipe, causing the pipe to burst and subdue the flames… Well, that’s definitely lucky.

“It extinguished itself,” manager Emily Anderson told me. “The main damage was in the kitchen, but we were luckily able to salvage most of our art, and tables and chairs.”

There’s that word again: “Luck”

“There’s a certain magic on Mississippi,” Anderson said. “This just kinda went along with that.”

The damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and the owners have taken the opportunity to improve the kitchen equipment and give the place a good scrubbing. The work is almost done.

“We just need to do some painting,” Anderson explained. “The kitchen crew is coming in on Monday to do prep.”

What that means for Mississippi ¿Por Qué No? fans is that the restaurant should be serving again by Tuesday, November 17th. Also, as a reward for your patience and support, the Taqueria will making their “mid-day menu” the all-day menu during the first week of re-opening: 50 cents off tacos, $1.50 off margaritas, and $1 off chips, salsa, and guacamole.

Lucky you.