The newly launched Publication Studio is located in The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel; it's a "book laboratory," founded by Matthew Stadler and Patricia No, that prints and binds books on demand, while also endeavoring to foster a spirit of conversation and community (the studio also worked with Phil Eleverum on documenting his residency in the White Stag Building). Tonight they're hosting an event called "Stay Happy Hour," which extends Clyde Commons' happy hour to the Cleaners for an extra hour of drink and food discounts. Stadler says it's the "first of what we hope will be a regular forum about the future of publishing, plus of course lots of good cocktails and books":

This week our subject is bootlegging*, piracy, and non-exclusive rights. Meet Hedi El Khoti, co-editor of the venerated radical press, Semiotexte, author Bruce Benderson (whose new book, Pacific Agony, published by Semiotexte, is a Rabelaisian send-up of the politics and pretensions of our region), and Publication Studio co-founder Matthew Stadler (who, in his former role as editor of Clear Cut Press, commissioned the book from Benderson) in an open and ranging discussion about print rights, bootlegs, pirating, electronic rights, and the writer's best interests.
* Do exclusive rights (the publisher can prevent the writer from working with other publishers) really serve writers well?
* Should electronic reproduction be controlled and commodified, and if so, how?
* How can publishers survive if they don't control exclusive rights?

Eat, drink, and be voluble at this lively, ranging, and recurring forum.

That's tonight at Publication Studios at The Cleaners, SW 10th & Stark, 6 pm. Tuesday=Mercury press day=I can't go, but if anyone makes it, drop your impressions in the comments?