Just as every thinking person has known for 40+ years, Republicans are hypocrites.
Jesus, for the first time ever, your preaching is speaking to me.
The real question is, how many people have used that coverage? For patient privacy reasons we obviously can't find out who has used it, (although it is safe to say that 99% of Americans would want to know, half to expose the hypocrisy of it and the other half as a public shaming of "murders,") but they could release the data in aggregate. They could say something like "X% of females covered by the plan used this coverage last year." The RNC should totally be in favor of releasing that number because it shows that they aren't hypocrites, (unless, or course, they are and they've been using the coverage. In which case, they should keep offering it since people seem to use it.)
There is a difference between "banning" abortion and having our tax dollars pay for it. People who are morally opposed to abortion should not have to help pay for it.
@ buch: That is the can of worms you want to open? Shall I start listing the things my tax dollars buy which I morally oppose?