Good news! You can assist in saving/ruining Monday morning for the classroom orphans of Marysville Elementary, the Southeast school that burnt up in a three-alarm blaze yesterday, by helping to speed their return to class. They won't be going back to Marysville any time soon (it's a charred mess), but luckily Portland is scattered with abandoned schools, "understudies" if you will, just waiting for their chance to perform. With a little elbow grease, you can ensure hundreds of impressionable minds are sticking chewed gum to the undersides of desks by the weekend's end. Some day they'll thank you for this.

Cmon, these kids arent getting smarter
  • C'mon, these kids aren't getting smarter

Note: actual Marysville students not pictured. Above image is swiped from a Google image-search for "bored children"— highly recommend.

Via Hands On Greater Portland:

"Urgent need for volunteers THIS SATURDAY MORNING!

A tragic fire Tuesday at the historic Marysville Elementary in Southeast Portland has left 435 students without a school. You can help these schoolchildren by volunteering Saturday to prepare Rose City Park School for them [located at 2334 NE 57th Ave]. Marysville students will be transferred to Rose City Park Monday. The work party takes place from 8 am to noon Saturday at Rose City Park. Volunteers will help district officials by cleaning, moving furniture and otherwise sprucing up Rose City Park School, which closed two years ago."

You just have to sign up here. (You'll also have to register for Hands on Greater Portland if you're not a member.)

Help a kid. Plant a school.