I caught this ad on TV recently and was simultaneously creeped out by its content (which was the point) and impressed by its defusing of an entire world of "friendly" aggressive behavior with one handy phrase: "That's not cool."

Meanwhile in Massachusetts, a high school principal has threatened to suspend students over "meeping". From Salem News:

Danvers High parents recently got an automated call from the principal warning them that if students say or display the word "meep" at school, they could face suspension. Meep doesn't mean much, unless you are Beaker—the hapless, orange-haired assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew on "The Muppet Show."

While meep may be nonsense, what it represented was no laughing matter to the high school's administration. High school Principal Thomas Murray said students were using it and other words to disrupt school in a particular part of the building on Cabot Road.

Read the full story of Meepgate here and here. (Also, following Principal Murray's Footloose-esque meep ban, Danvers High should prepare itself for several years of pep-rally cheers and valdictorian speeches composed entirely of meeps.)