I was too busy yesterday spitting fire over bad journalism that I forgot to mention, read the goddamn Mercury news section!

GETTING AWAY WITH IT If you want to kill someone in Oregon, use your car.



HIPHOP HIGH Portland might be getting one. Apparently most of the time, kids will spend their time chillin out, maxin, relaxing and shooting some b-ball outside. Until they get in one little fight...and then what?

STANDING TALL SEIU Local 49 ain't intimidated by an arson attack.

ENTER PUPPETEERS Are state level conservatives hoping to cash in on the second effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams?

SALTZMAN IN THE WOUND Why is everybody ragging on the police commissioner?

Read the goddamn news. Also, tune into KXL at noon. I'm on the Lars Larson show with City Commissioner Randy Leonard for an hour.