Hey, you, unemployed recent mover to Portland! Want to do something useful with your time, other than simply wasting it on those drugs you're eating? How about phone banking for a woman's right to choose!

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon this week as we put the pressure on US Senators to defeat Stupak's outrageous attack on women's rights.

We will be holding phone banks in the NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon office this Wednesday and Thursday from 4-7PM to call on the US Senate to stop this erosion of women's rights.

It is more important than ever for us to be strong, unified and ready to act. Thank you for your advocacy on this issue, and thank you for your continued dedication to preserving women's rights and protecting women's health.

What: Phone Bank
Why: Prevent the erosion of women's rights
When: 4-7 PM Wednesday 11/18 & Thursday 11/19
Where: NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Office

Please contact Gwende Silver (gwende@prochoiceoregon.org) if you are interested in participating.

Here's to Gwende Silver's inbox positively exploding by 9am tomorrow.