If you've got a mailbox in the city of roses, by now you should have received the official Portland mailer featuring this lady's face:


Look familiar? Apparently, this senior citizen is the face of bitchy Portland. Starting tomorrow, she and her 575,000 friends are invited to attend info sessions on the Portland Plan, which is basically a ginormous urban planning document that aims to set the vision and goals for the future of our fair city.

The city website for the plan is actually surprisingly slick and functional, so check out the seven workshop dates and think about attending one, if you're the kind of person who cares about things like schools, roads, public money or the environment. Or you can just read about it here on the blog, since I'm going to slap on a big dorky nametag and try to make it to most of them.

The kick-off workshop is tomorrow 6:30-9 pm at Beaumont Middle School (4043 NE Fremont Street) and there's no free beer or donuts or anything, but it still would be awesome to see some non-old people attend, because, as evidenced by the grouchy senior citizen above, it gets kind of tiresome being the only under-30 person in the room at a public meeting. I quickly get dispirited when surrounded by people who probably signed onto the original 1880 petition against installing electric lights in the city of Portland.