If someone asked me to describe the hotel experience of my dreams, I would probably talk about open bars, beachfront property and an elevator to the moon. If that person clarified by saying they didn't mean my ideal hotel experience, but literally the hotel that sometimes I dream I am in, it might look like this Nantes, France hotel that lets you " 'ham it up' hamster style."

This Christian Science Monitor article translates some of the video below if vous, like me, don't parlez Français. Let's follow along!

“It’s the possibility in 18 square meters to live an incredible experience, which is to live in a hamster’s skin. So living in the skin of a hamster, what does that mean? It means being able to put on the head of a hamster. It’s being able to eat grains like a hamster … We all know the hamster has a water bottle … You get on all fours to get to the nest like a hamster … The idea is really to live an experience, but with all the comforts of a … microwave, George who serves you coffee. Everything is here, there’s just the added ambiance of a cage and the sensation of a hamster when, for example, he runs in his hamster wheel, which is pretty funny…”

Only $148 a night! For an extra 50 euros the son of a hotel worker will put you in a microwave and see what happens. Can you afford to miss out?