In the age of Facey-Tweet, I'm considering starting all my words with the letters 'Tw' from now on. Like, I'm twangry, twugged-in, and twensory. Twuck off. Etcetera. Why do I mention this? From the Oregon Bus Project comes news of the latest Twitter analysis tool this morning, and it's making me Twiss my Twants.


The tool at asks you simply to plug in your Twitter Handle, and then analyzes your emotional style, your social style, and your thinking style.

@busproject is upbeat, arrogant/distant, and analytic, according to the Twanalayzer.

Meanwhile @mattdavis999 is angry, plugged-in, and sensory. Right on.

@portlandmercury (Frank Cassano) is very angry, very personable, and very sensory. Of course.

@annagriffin is depressed, personable, and sensory. Ouch. Comes with being a columnist, I suppose.

@earlblumenauer is depressed, arrogant/distant, and sensory. Comes with being a congressman?

@peaches_g (Peaches Geldof) is almost equally upbeat, worried, angry and depressed. She's plugged in and spacy, and totally in the moment. I suspect this is a result of all the drugs she never touches.

More importantly, how do you fare?