BREAKING: City Claims Controversial New Defense In Chasse Death, of “Excited Delirium.”


If anyone was suffering from what could be termed "excited delirium" in this case, it was the cops who killed Chasse.
Has the city tried to settle this out of court? If not, their f**king crazy. They're going to pay through the nose.

Personally, I want it to go to court so that the facts will come out and our Thug Department will have to defend itself.

I wonder how "excited delirium" causes so many broken ribs?
Mr. Steenson should hire an orthopedic surgeon. If this case goes to trial, all his expert would need to do is to show each of the broken bones and fractures using x-rays and describe them to the court, one by one.
"Excited Delirium" was one of Eddie Murphy's best stand-up releases. LOL funny.
oh my god, this is absolutely sickening. agreed b!x.
It wouldn't be especially hard to poke legal holes in this defense. After all, even if Mr. Chasse was killed by some whimsically-named pseudo-event, said event was still caused by the officers on the scene.

(i.e., had things gone well that day, he had no reasonable expectation of being jumped on by a bunch of thugs.)
Evil fascists have no soul.
It's not "controversial" condition in the same way the Loch Ness Monster isn't controversial.

In that neither of them exist.
Really, reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllly disgusting.
SIDS for cops!
Excited delirium? Sounds like he was killed at a Jonas Bros. concert.
"Ima get all excited-delirium on your ass!"
Totally cowardly unscientific CYA crap. I hate to agree with the bOregonian, but REMEMBER THIS the next time these unprincipled CYA artists show up on the ballot. I will vote for a cheap drive-through hamburger before I vote for any of these weasels again.
If there weren't 16 broken ribs, and 16 blows to the head, yes, it could have been just the result of being Tasered, (not that that changes much, he still was killed as a result of "possibly" urinating in his pants.) But that means the police officers were abusing a corpse, and I'm at all sure how that is any better than beating up a live person.
"Excited delirium" my ass.
(do not forget the dash, otherwise you'll land on a front organization funded by Taser International, and their lawyer is involved.)
let me get this straight... 16 blows to the head (allegedly?)... 16 ribs, most of them broken multiple times... and he died from "excited delirium"?
my first thought when I saw this headline was that that must mean "feeding frenzy" by the police...
Yes, he died with excited delirium, all right. As in, excited delirium...then brain death from suffocation/insufficient oxygen due to lung being speared and punctured by those sharp pointy tips of those multiple fractured ribs...

These fucking monsters have absolutely NO shame.

You know, I have a minority view on religion. I am an avowed agnostic who also thinks that the riddle of existence is so profound and terrifying that taking ANY other position other than agnosticism amounts to hubris.

That said, I hope right now that hell exists and these guys who crushed Chasse rot in it.
What does "excited delirium" have to do with the huge number of bruises, contusions, and bone breaks Chasse suffered. These cops are thugs.