This is one of those "only in Portland" things. You ready?

This weekend, the Portland police bureau is hosting a fundraiser at a local tattoo parlor to raise money for it's domestic violence victim fund. Um, awesome? From the police:

Semi-nude Mexican pin-ups against domestic violence!
  • Infinity artist Ms.Mikki
  • Semi-nude Mexican pin-ups against domestic violence!

On Sunday, November 22, 2009, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., all proceeds from tattoos provided by Infinity Tattoo ( 3316 N. Lombard Street) will go toward this bureau's domestic violence victim's fund. The fund helps women who are victims of domestic violence with a variety of financial concerns. "Victims of domestic violence often need assistance in finding new shelter or housing, relocating or even must leave their current employment to re-start their lives," says Commander Donna Henderson, Family Services Division. "It's wonderful that a local business is thinking of a creative way to step up and assist with fundraising and making this kind of a donation."

Appointments are filling up fast, please call Jessica at 503-231-4777.

Apparently tattoos for charity are the new bake sale because ALSO this Sunday Icon Tattoo (813 NE Russell) is offering forest-themed tattoos to benefit Mt. Hood environmental group BARK. But it has to be one of these mushroom or squirrel-motifs...