The Portland Police Association is running a no-confdence vote on the police chief and the police commissioner. We didn't get any notice of a PPA press conference, for some reason—seriously, guys, give notice to local media already—but here's what the Tribune has this afternoon:

Ballots for a vote of a no-confidence on Saltzman and Sizer will be mailed to all 922 members of the Portland Police Association on Saturday. Results will be released on Nov. 30 and association President Sgt. Scott Westerman predicts they will show the vast majority on the union members have lost confidence in Saltzman and Sizer.

Westerman talked with reporters at the association’s headquarters after the union’s executive committee unanimously voted to authorize the election Friday morning. Westerman insisted that Humphreys was following bureau procedures when he fired a less-than-lethal beanbag round at the leg of a 12-year-old girl who was fighting with another officer during an arrest Nov. 14 on a Gresham MAX station platform. Westerman says the 1.4 ounce beanbag rounds can be used in any situation when a ballistic baton cannot be used to make a resisting suspect comply with orders.

Westerman would not say whether he expects Mayor Sam Adams to transfer the bureau from Saltzman or replace Sizer if the no-confidence vote goes against them.

Update, Saturday November 21, 6:47am

Officer Humphreys has filed for "stress-related disability," writes Maxine Bernstein at the Oregonian. There's a tradition of officers who are suspended under discipline doing this, she writes. Westerman from the police union says Humphreys' suspension would be "stressful for anyone."