Oprah Out: The star of Bee Movie and The Princess and the Frog is quitting her talk show to focus more on her own cable network.

Jobs Jobs... Jobs? Watchdog group points out stimulus jobs were claimed in congressional districts that don't exist, among other embarrassing errors.

Catholics vs. Obama: Catholic bishops are none too happy with Mr. President for his pro-choice stance on the healthcare bill. A national day of action against the anti-abortion Stupak amendment is on December 2nd.

Cannabis College: Detroit opens school for aspiring medical marijuana horticulturalists.

Dirty Government: Washington DC has the highest STD rate in the country.

Secret Prisons: Are there secret CIA black sites in Lithuania?

King of the Underworld! Michael Jackson makes a miraculous appearance in someone's ultrasound:


Abstinence Porn: Twilight's New Moon opened last night, allowing ecstatic crowds to squeal and Newsweek to run probably the worst lead sentence in the history of writing: "Like vampires, culture wars never die, but like werewolves, they sometimes change shape."

Purse Snatchers: Police bust West Linn designer purse rip-off ring.

WOOOLLLVES!: Video shows wolves are back in Eastern Oregon.