On Friday one of Blogtown's most devoted readers donated enough food to the drive to essentially triple the amount we had already collected. Thank YOU (you know who you are)!

To make matters even more interesting, he decided not to enter the drawing for the two cookbooks: The Silver Spoon: Pasta and Bob’s Red Mill Cookbook. That means, as of now, there are only three people entered in the drawing! So, if you were to bring a non-perishable food item to the Mercury office [605 NE 21st, ste. 200] today before 4:30 pm, your chance of winning these cookbooks is really, really good.


And if you don’t happen to win today’s drawing, you’ll still be entered in a SECOND DRAWING on Wednesday afternoon to win a set of books donated by our amazing and talented arts editor Alison Hallett. To wit:

The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History, by John Ortved, an oral history exploring the origins and history of the show.

Misconception: Seattle author Ryan Boudinot's dual-perspective look at a high-school relationship, a funny little novel that features the excellent opening line, "I was suspended in eighth grade for bringing my semen to science class."

Monsters: Ken Dahl's graphic novel about herpes is surprisingly funny and self-deprecating—one of the best indie comics I've read in a while. I review it in this week's roundup of newish comics.

You Have Killed Me: A noir graphic novel from local comics duo Jamie Rich and Joelle Jones (artist Jones has another book out this week—she drew the Dr. Horrible one-shot just released by Dark Horse).

Here’s what you do: Take a long lunch, stop by Safeway or WinCo or wherever, load up a bag with canned and boxed goods, drop it off at the Merc offices, write you name and e-mail on a little slip of paper and deposit it in the magic sombrero.

I’ll be drawing a name at 4:45 PM and announce it as an update to this post around 5-ish!

Imagine that. You can feed the hungry and increase your Thanksgiving recipe arsenal all at the same time. Go to it!