Last week the Portland Police announced a story worthy of Tiny Tim: they were on the hunt for a very special tricycle that some heartless bike thief heartlessly stole from twin autistic teenagers.

Portland Police Officers from East Precinct are asking for the public's help in locating an adult tricycle that was stolen from two 13-year-old autistic girls. The bike was donated to the girls by OHSU personnel as part of a grant that donates to developmentally challenged children. The tricycle is very special to the twin girls and is something the family could not afford to buy on their own.

Good news! Just in time for the holidays, the tricycle HAS BEEN FOUND! From today's press release inbox:

Today, East Precinct Officers followed up on a tip from KPTV news and located an adult size trike that had previously been stolen from two autistic teenage girls. The trike was located in the 8800 Block of Southeast Stark.

Officers immediately returned the trike to the girls. The response from the media and the public in this case has been extremely generous and all of the offers of donations meant a great deal to the family and officers involved in this incident.

Awwww. Lifetime be contacting the family to buy the movie rights to this story in 3...2...1