Excellent social-thinking blog Socialogical Images posted a smart little rant about this Method soap ad, which tries to raise support for labeling of toxic chemicals in household products via an ad that evokes sexual harassment and abuse.

Jezebel describes what's creepy and discouraging about the ad:

I understand the point of the commercial: you'll pay the price if you don't know what kinds of chemicals you're spraying in your house. But I'm really tired of the "advocacy" that relies upon humiliating women to push a point (see also: PETA). [...] The woman is seriously humiliated by the bubbles, who compliment her on her "core" and scream "Loofah! Loofah!" over and over again as they watch her wash up. It's supposed to be funny. So why does it make me feel so gross?

I felt the same. In the same way that PETA's campaigns make me worry more about women than animals, instead of being a funny intro to toxic household chemicals, I watch the ad and get queasy thinking about women in abusive relationships.