First off, you have less than 12 hours to donate food the Blogtown Flash Food Drive. The drive officially ends tomorrow at 12:30 pm with a final drawing for some awesome books donated by the awesome Alison Hallett. By this time tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be unloading the truck I had to rent to take all of the food you donated to the Oregon Food Bank donation center.

In other food drive news, I’d like to congratulate Niki G. for winning the cookbook drawing! You can stop by the Mercury offices and pick up your books anytime before the end of business tomorrow.

Jealous of Niki? You should be. Not just because she’s super generous, but because she is now the proud owner of a book that includes over 360 pasta recipes. But remember; when you donate, you have the chance to enter tomorrow’s final drawing (which may include some super secret extra special bonus prizes).

Finally, I’d like to encourage you… No… Plead for you to donate if you have not done so already. I’d especially like to challenge our more outspoken Blogtownies! We know you can call Matt Davis any number of creative names, but can you step up and help fill a belly or two? You can call me a hack, but when we ask you to help feed some families, can you cut the mustard? I’m curious. Let’s let the effort to assuage the hunger of our fellow Oregonians bring us together for a little while. We can go back to the name calling next Monday!

Drop off your unsullied, non-perishable food donation at out offices [605 NE 21st, ste 200] before the cutoff tomorrow. Show us the good we know you’re capable of!