Here at the Mercury, we were thinking it was pretty risky for the police union to have all those t-shirts and signs printed up for the rally yesterday with the "I am Chris Humphreys" slogan so blatantly plastered across them. What might happen, we wondered, if those signs and t-shirts got into the wrong hands? Which is where the idea for the "I am Chris Humphreys" Photosho-mpetitionTM came along. Here's a sample submission by the Mercury's own art director, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison:


Easy to beat, right? So: Send your jpegs, png's and gifs to, and the best one in the bag by Friday lunchtime wins a 12-year-old-sized "I am Chris Humphreys" t-shirt, as given to yours truly midway through the march, yesterday:

"SMALL" T-SHIRT: You're free to do what you like with it.

Happy Thanksgiving.