The Tillamook Creamery Association website took down the June profile of one of its members today: anti-tax form letter writer Carol Marie Leuthold.

Just hours before the profile was removed, politico Steve Novick posted a biting rundown of misleading statements in Leuthold's anti-Measure 66 and 67 campaign's letter, including noting that the supposedly financially-struggling Leutholds took extensive vacations last year.


Those are details Novick likely got from the Tillamook profile, which was replaced this afternoon with a note from Tillamook Corporate Communications Manager Heidi Luquette. “She had contacted us and said her family had some concerns about [the profile] being up, because the measure are such an emotional issue,” explains Luquette. “She said, ‘My family is concerned and we need to have that removed.’” Luquette says Leuthold did not elaborate on what the “concerns” were, but the profile noted that the farming couple traveled extensively last year, Carol Marie to take cooking classes in the South of France and Italy and husband Dan on safari in South Africa.

So how do dairy farmers besides the Leutholds feel about the tax measures slated for the January ballot? "Amongst our membership there is not consensus. There are farmers that feel both ways," says Luquette.