Last night I got a sneak peek of the First Thursday show Matt Stangel wrote up in this week's paper: the Dill Pickle Club gallery opening.

The Dill Pickles led exciting, original tours of Portland over the summer that can only be summed up as "pro-learning" — one tour was of local factories, one focused on local food and a third explored WPA-era art in town. The downtown gallery space, open only for December, is in the same spirit. The gallery brings together a solid coalition of small and big name artists making work about their local space; Portland history nerds specifically will swoon over the table of short-run and out of print Portland-centric books that line one wall.

My favorite piece in the show, though, is the collection of photographs from Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen. This should be Portland artists' new motto:

Dill Pickle Club opening 6 PM tonight, Eyeful Gallery, NW 6th and Everett