• 3rd Floor's Whiskey Powered Taco Fight; Photo by Jennifer Tyler Huber /

Another week's worth of activities to feel vaguely guilty about never actually doing.


John Roderick's tweets are more grammatically correct than your tweets, and that's why Portland's new print-on-demand publisher Publication Studio compiled a book of 'em. The release party's on Sunday at Mississippi Studios, with musical guest Kathleen Edwards, and dinner prepared by Michael Hebb. Remember him? From my food writin' days, it's hard to think of anyone Portland foodies love to hate more than Michael Hebb. (Maaaaaybe Nick Zukin. [Hi Nick—congratulations on Kenny and Zuke's making Maxim's list of the top ten delis in North America, btw. Oh, and also? Fuck you for ruining Tricia Helfer in your newsletter this morning. I didn't think it was possible. I stand corrected.])

Sarah Mirk reviews a new coffee table book about architect Lawrence Halprin, who designed many of Portland's fountains (and who, with his wife Anna, provided the inspiration for TBA:08's popular City Dance of Lawrence and Anna Halprin).


My historic LAST REVIEW EVER of A Christmas Carol at Portland Center Stage. I'm never writing about this show again. I don't know what I was thinking this year, even.

I found the 3rd Floor's Whiskey Powered Taco Fight to be a subpar, phoned-in effort from one of my favorite local ensembles. HOWEVER. The Oregonian's Carol Wells found it a fine example of absurdist humor, noting that "The laughter comes from a shared understanding that the events of our lives are completely arbitrary, and that the rules and laws we are expected to live by have been imposed purely to mask that fact." Make of that what you will.


Matt Stangel's got a great piece on the Dill Pickle Club, whose Work | Progress opens tonight at the Eyeful Gallery. (Check out Sarah's post about the show.)