• Chris Strong

Another week, another Mercury music section to flip through while you wait for Wollworth's 1971 LP sale to return. That seems like a very good price for a Canned Heat record.

Califone make music for the stage, and for the big screen with their lovely All My Friends Are Funeral Singers album.

Califone - "Funeral Singers"

The sweet sounds of '60s pop revisionists, the Black Hollies. This Jersey band has all the cool jobs in the world locked down: rock and roll singer, chocolate factory employee... only thing missing is outer space astronaut crime fighter. Which, come to think of it, is probably not a real profession.

The Black Hollies - "When You're Not There"

Congratulations, Various! Portland's first, and finest, dubstep night turns three years old this week.

Clubroot - "Low Pressure Zone" (Clubroot isn't playing Various this week, but you just might hear this song)

Record labels? Please. Metric ditch the labels, go it alone, and share their Fantasies along the way. Surprisingly when you google "Metric + Fantasies" with safe-search option turned off, the results are far less pornographic than expected. I was hoping for some good metric system erotica.

Metric - "Help, I'm Alive"

Plus, a mighty local music news roundup in Our Town Could be Your Life.

End Hits: Now if you don't mind, we have some Boogie with Canned Heat to listen to.