ATTN. ONE DAY AT A TIME READERS: Ann here, paying a too-rare visit to Blogtown to let all of you know about something very important: My latest opus can now be found in finer nerdery supply stores everywhere! MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume Four is now in comic book stores, and it collects Gone Dishin', our latest funnybook misadventure, in which we meet up with a few unsavory characters named Franky and the Goon (and also valiantly defeat a giant octopus, as is our wont). Gone Dishin' features art by Kristian Donaldson, and with the collection boasting stories from nerdlebrities like Kate Beaton, Gilbert Hernandez, Joss Whedon, Chris Onstad, and more, we are totes not exaggerating when we tell you it is probably the best thing you will read this year. After One Day at a Time, natch.

Now, we SHOULD be urging you all to go out and buy itonly $19.95! a bargain!—but Dark Horse Comics has donated three copies of the book to be won by lucky Blogtownies! All you have to do, dears, is email me no later than Wednesday, December 9, at noon; I'll pick three winners then, and I'll update this post with their names that afternoon. (When you enter, be sure to include your mailing address so we can have Hubby Kip stick the book in the mail for you if you win, and make sure your subject line is "Gone Dishin'.")

ALAS... We do have some bad news, dears, so bear with us: Thanks to an eff-up at Dark Horse, the first page of Gone Dishin' was printed without our brilliant words. Not a single speech or thought balloon on the whole page! (We know, we know—when we found out about it, we were angrier than Elin Nordegren.) But in an attempt to make up for their heinous, grievous error, Dark Horse has printed off three color copies of the page—with our lovely words intact!—that'll be sent along with the books to the winners. And for those of you who don't win, you can download a PDF of the correct version of the first page here: GONE-DISHIN-P1-COMPLETE.pdf.

MEANWHILE... While Dark Horse might not be able to pay proper respect to our fine wordsmithing skills, they are able to donate amazing packages for the Mercury's Online Charity Auction, year after year. This year, they put together their best package yet—the Geektastic Dark Horse Fun Pack includes all sorts of fantastic dweebery must-haves, from Umbrella Academy books to Hellboy comics to stuff signed by various Whedons to original Dr. Horrible artwork by Joëlle Jones. What's more, it's currently going for a paltry $46—a bargain if we say so ourselves, and we know a thing or two about shopping.


That should do it, dears. Email away. Mwah!

UPDATE! The winners are Greg Walker, Travis Kincher, and Cameron Reinlasoder! We're sending Kip on a coffee/post office run in about 15, so keep your eyes on your mailboxes.