So Sean Breslin has fled town for some plum job interviews in Philly, and the Mercury news team is looking for another intern. The internship lasts three months and will start in January. Send some clips, a short cover letter explaining why you're perfect for the internship, three 80-word story pitches and a resume to:


We're looking for:

•obsession with the changing business of news
•flair and energy—do you love this industry to death?
•an itch to get out of the office and report on things
•an understanding of AP style, and how to break it
•resourcefulness—make those pitches zing, and try to avoid reflecting what we've already covered
•tattoos* (not really, but Breslin was covered in the things, and we miss him)
•knowledge/views on the media landscape here in town

We're not looking for:

•someone who really wants to write arts coverage. You're into news. You like NEWS. NEWS!
•wait, we ARE looking for confidence
•accuracy and all that shit

In return:

•we'll pay you freelance rates for any clips you get into the paper
•we'll introduce you to contacts who may be useful should you choose to pursue a news career here in town
•we'll try to share the benefit of our experience—we know what not to do, better than anyone
•we'll show appreciation and gratitude
•we won't ask you to chop up our doughnuts

Good. Please file your application by December 11 at noon.