Surely you know someone who is getting married this coming year, yes? Then drop 'em a line and tell them to snap up this SUPER CHEAP wedding package, courtesy of the Mercury Online Charity Auction!THEY ARE GONNA SAVE SO MUCH MONEY! (And then you won't have to buy them a gift. Yay!)


There are still TONS of great auction items that are so stinking cheap it makes me sick. Such as…

• A guitar lesson from The Decemberists' Chris Funk AND a gorgeous Les Paul Guitar! Currently only $52!

• A pizza party for 20, and a super awesome Pabst Blue Ribbon fridge! Currently only $89.88!

• An amazing Dark Horse Comics package including autographs from Joss Whedon and more! Currently only $63! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???

Bid now, and bid big, and remember: All proceeds go to help OUTSIDE IN help homeless teens and disadvantaged adults!