Uh... Good News! Today's headline: "U.S. Economy Lost Only 11,000 Jobs in November."

7,000 More Troops: From NATO for Afghanistan.

News Editor, Please Report to Ad Sales: Disturbing news for newspapers—the editorial department of the Dallas Morning News now reports to ad executives.

Urban Re-NO-al: Court rules that Columbia University cannot use eminent domain to expand its campus just because it claims the surrounding area is "blighted".

Stella McCartney/Morrissey Love Child: It's a vegan shoe line!

White House Party Crasher: Also faked her way into.... the Redskins cheerleading squad?!

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Punch You in the Face. A UK catalog has offers the worst gift idea EVER:


Sarah Palin: Birther. Do you care?

Soccer Fans, Conspiracy Theorists: Sometimes they're one and the same!

Happy as a Duck: We won the civil war!

Si Se Puede! Oregon Dept of Education allows non-fluent English speakers to get high school diplomas using their native languages. Cue avalanche of racist comments on the Oregonian site in 3....2....1