The multi-use space Liberty Hall is on its way out, at least as we've known it. The organizations that have been using it are clearing out, and to say goodbye (and make the last month of rent), they're holding a holiday craft and rummage sale on Friday, December 18 from 4-10 pm. Look for "quality used goods, craft items, art, books, vegan treats, delicious food, beverages, and spirits," as well as the opportunity to wave adieu to another Venue That Was. Trillium Shannon explains the sitch:

The landlord has a grant to renovate the property. He told us we would have to leave for a few months and then he would negotiate terms with us, possibly offering us a month to month lease. This is untenable for the organizations that operate out of Liberty Hall of course. For the past 21/2 years Liberty Hall has been run by a collective made up of tenant organizations, anchored by The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) and The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). We have shared the space with Microcosm Publishing, The Universal Zulu Nation, The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, and others. During this time we have managed to squeak by, paying our rent and still keeping the space affordable for myriad non-profit and community organizations to have trainings, educational events, film showings and for families to rent for memorial services, weddings, baptism partys, etc. There is no doubt that the closing of Liberty Hall as a collectively run community space will leave a gap. That's the story, in a nutshell.


Oh, and speaking of sales, *ahem*, we're breaking our backs over on MOD trying to keep up with all the sale and event announcements this month, so take a gander if you're wondering where and how you're going to get all that holiday (or whatever) shopping done.