In honor of Sarah Palin's not-entirely-factual memoir, New York Magazine asked seven fiction writers to write short stories featuring contemporary political figures.

Here's Adam Haslett on Barack Obama:

In [Obamam]'s jacket pocket, he rolled the filter of the cigarette between his thumb and forefinger. Reggie being out today, he’d had a hard time procuring it. A few hours ago, around midnight, he’d tried his secretary’s desk but found it locked. On the way to Communications, where an aide who worked late usually came through in a pinch, he’d been waylaid by Summers clutching new figures on wholesale inventories in the Southeast, and who would have no more noticed that he was in a hurry if he’d been jogging in a tracksuit. By the time Larry had explained the import of the numbers, he could see Jones over his shoulder signaling that they needed him downstairs.

“The guys in the village—how long have they been informing for us?” he asked, fingering the lighter in his other pocket, wondering how long it had taken his predecessors, the ones who hadn’t been head of the CIA, to get used to uttering lines fit for a Bond film.

Mary Gaitskill on an imagined meeting between Ashley Dupré and Silda Spitzer is also pretty fantastic. Via Bookslut.