Photographer Ann Ploger's Already Dead opens tonight at Pushdot Studio. The new series reflects Ploger's recent interest in "blood, plain and simple"—and how death is traditionally portrayed.

Comedian/Web Soup host Chris Hardwick performs at the Aladdin tomorrow night; he is, as best I can tell, famous for being a nerd who is not entirely bad looking.

On Sunday at Mississippi Studios, Matthew Stadler hosts a public conversation with the Long Winters' John Roderick about—to pursue, as Stadler put it in an email, "questions [he] first explored in an obscure local journal, many many years ago...." Plus performances from Roderick and others, and more!

There's also the Hand2Mouth karaoke gala tonight, and the release of Courtney Taylor-Taylor-Taylor's new graphic novel One Model Nation at Floating World tomorrow. Have fun!