The global Climate Change Meeting in Copenhagen started today, and with a serious ultimatum: “The clock has ticked down to zero,” said the United Nations’ climate chief, Yvo de Boer. “After two years of negotiation, the time has come to deliver.”

Thousands of Iranian students flooded the streets today screaming, "Death to the dictator!" Unsurprisingly, the police did not react well.

After eight days of debate, the Senate is ready to take on the most divisive issue of health care reform: abortion. (Yes, I know… it's ridiculous that this is an issue at all.)

A recent poll indicates that Sarah Palin's popularity has bounced back to pre-"I think I'll just resign as governor of Alaska, because it bores me" numbers.

A prank played by U.S. military kids in Japan goes horribly wrong. (I used to do this trick, too, but the critical part of the joke is to fake the rope.)

According to the Daily News, there is now a SEVENTH mistress in the Tiger Woods scandal... and whoopee! This one's a porn star, ya'll!

And speaking of which, Saturday Night Live nails it with this weekend's funny Tiger Woods sketch. (Also, who knew that Gossip Girl's Blake Lively was so great?)