Sarah Gottesdiener (local artist, musician, DJ, and designer) and Jenny Hoyston (musician, DJ, and organizer) are planning a full calendar year's worth of monthly "art happenings" at Branx, to take place every first Friday after the gallery shows have closed.

And before you scoff—because I know you people, I really do—Gottesdiener says confirmed contributors so far include Yeti Publishing's Mike McGonigal, musicians TJO (Tara Jane O'Neil), Sarah Dougher, and Explode into Colors' Lisa Schonberg, and artists Tiffany Lee Brown and Melia Donovan. That's a pretty damn respectable start.

From Gottesdiener's Facebook post:

Hi friends!
I'm very excited to let you know about a new party that Jenny Hoyston and myself are planning, called ART PARTY. It is going to take place every First Friday, at Branx after all the gallery shows on the Eastside close their openings. It is designed to be a place where artists, musicians, and enthusiasts can go, hang out, and get their minds blown open by more art/music/happenings.

I had been getting really bored of just going to just dance nights with DJs playing all the same music, and going to shows with like 4 or 5 bands and nothing else, or just going to stiff art openings where no one knows what to do except double-fist free wine and not talk about the art on the we decided to combine all of this into one action-packed night. We're going have one band/music act, 2-3 DJs, 2-3 artists, and other surprise art actions like guerrilla fashion shows or dance troupes. This shit is not going to be stuffy OR boring.

We are building out a cove/installation nook/chill out space where you can make an installation! We will have wall space and equipment for you to hang art, project videos, and do sock puppet shows (etc.)! We have a stage/dance floor where you can create anything you possibly desire. This would also be a good place for you to try something new, that you've wanted to try. A side project that's been lurking on your four-track. An idea for an installation involving feathers and paper mache that's been eating at your brain.
I would like super talented, amazing, special, creative genius, mind-blowing friends and others to be part of this. If you are an artist, musician, writer, sculptor, publisher, floor dancer, fashion designer, make up artist, junk collector, dj, mime, dancer, band member, etc etc and would like to be involved, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

Email Sarah if you're interested in participating. She needs to know what you'd want to do, what you'll need, and when you'd want to do it.