But that doesn't stop the folks from Bravo's Top Chef from spewing it all over the place. But that's neither here nor there, really. Just an observation.

What's more important is that one of this year's Top Chef finalists may have already cooked for you. Chef Kevin Gillespie once worked in Portland as Executive Sous Chef at the well loved Fife, headed by Marco Shaw. While Shaw closed Fife earlier this year and headed to Durham, NC, to head a new farm-to-table restaurant there, many in town likely still have fond memories of his Northeast Portland restaurant.

Though Gillespie's stay in Portland was brief—a scant two years—he shares with the city a certain Northwest philosophy of seasonal, farm-to-table dishes. He also, apparently, shares our city's love of facial hair:

I suppose that's enough to root for the guy in tonight's Top Chef season finale—at least until one of our very own makes the cut. That may happen sooner than you think. Top Chef auditions were held here just last month.