I know this is the wrong forum for this—and it's not even Cat Friday™ yet—but it's freezing outside and this kitten needs a home.

This tender ball of adorableness appeared on our porch last night—we think it had been living under our shed—and while clearly a stray, it's definitely not feral. In fact, it's probably the most affectionate kitten I have seen in my life. There is nothing in the world we'd rather do than adopt this creature, but we're already at pet critical mass in our home. If you are interested, let me know.

More not-so-great cell phone photos after the jump.

***Update: The very kind folks at the Cat Adoption Team looked at the photos and say this kitten is a "Dilute Calico" breed, about 4-5 months old, and about 98% likely to be a female.

***Update #2: We have found a home for this kitten!! Thanks so much, April!!!