Check out the crazy bike lane activism going down in Brooklyn, where a Hassidic Jewish community pressured the city to remove a 14-block bike lane through their neighborhood, in part because they objected to the immodest dress of female cyclists (to be fair, there were also complaints about parking).

After NYC caved to the pressure and blacked out the bike lane, bike activists with cans of white spray paint put it back in place over a weekend:

Two things strike me about this incident from a Portland angle:
1. Our bickering over bike funding and inclusion of minorities pales in comparison to two arch-rival New York rabbis fighting over whether bikes will help or ruin their communities.
2. Would Portland bike activists ever go guerrilla and paint a bike lane where the city's been slow to respond? Are we Portlanders too complacent/polite to stripe a lane down Killingworth or SE 39th?