• Kyle Johnson

Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you order a Flaming Lips "Silver Trembling Fetus" Christmas ornament. Sure, whatever. Just as long as their fans stay clothed while riding bikes on Mt. Tabor, I'm totally fine with this.

The dead serious sounds of J. Tillman make him a force to be reckoned with in the sad/bearded/rural/barren/folk scene. Wait, didn't he play "Hungry Cannibal #4" in The Road?

J. Tillman - "Earthly Bodies"

Mew are just your average Danish prog-pop crossover rock band with a singer who sounds like he's been taking hits off a tank of helium. Whatever.

Mew - "Introducing Palace Players"

His dad is Paul Simon. His former stepmom is Princess Leia. Basically, Harper Simon has lived the greatest life on anyone on planet earth. Plus, now that he is a respected solo artist, no more play dates out with Art Garfunkel's kid.

Harper Simon - "Shooting Star"

Buzzed about duo Sic Alps are coming to the Eagles Lodge in support of their genre-free 27-track A Long Way Around to a Shortcut singles compilation. The old drunk vets at the Eagles Lodge are really going to appreciate hearing all 27 songs.

Sic Alps - "The Greatest"

End Hits: Today's birthday wishes go out to J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. and mediocre Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric. Happy birthday, guys.