There's a reason they call them "starving artists," but they are still asked often to donate their work for charitable causes around the holiday season. PICA, naturally, found a great way to sidestep any icky financial strains when they came up with the triple-win Prints for PICA formula seven years ago. For the un-initiated: Portland's strongest organization in support of local arts provides a slew—and I do mean, slew, this year including Peter Burr, Bruce Conkle, Nan Curtis, Dana Dart Mclean, David Eckard, Justin Gorman, Sarah Gottesdiener, Midori Hirose, Philip Iosca, Sarah Meadows, Justin Oswald, Kent Richardson, Adam Sorensen, Storm Tharp, and so, so many more (the complete list is here)—of buzz-worthy PDX artists all the materials and resources (including coffee) to make a series of mono-prints. On Saturday you can visit the makeshift studio at 539 NW 10th to see the artists at work and pick up the results, priced at $100-250, with proceeds benefiting PICA's artistic programming (TBA, much?). The space is also doing double-duty as a pop-up shop, to be open for one week, selling not only the prints but also apparel, recordings, and limited-edition art pieces. On top of contributing to the art-scene feedback loop of mutual beneficiality, the artists get a stash of their prints to donate to other causes, PICA gets dollars, and you get to give/get the gift of perpetuating Portland's burgeoning art scene. Things kick off tomorrow at 6 pm ('til 9)—be there for first dibs.