• Lifted from the Portland City Art website

Portland City Art, the non-profit arts organization run by Chris Haberman and John Graeter, does a great job organizing massive group art shows. The most recent memory of this ability is Manor of Art, held this past August at Milepost 5 in their Studios building— a not-yet-renovated defunct retirement home. The entirety of the retirement home, 100+ rooms, was filled to the gullet with art. It was a dizzying experience, passing through room after room of visual stimulation.

Tonight, Portland City Art is putting on their second annual The Big 100 at the Olympic Mills Gallery (107 SE Washington, 6-11 pm). It’s a massive one-night-only group show. Here’s how it works: 100 artists were asked to make 20 pieces each; all the pieces are priced at $30; patrons pay cash and carry away their purchase; art-sale proceeds are then split between Portland City Art, KBOO, and Oregon Food Bank. It’s going down tonight, and will be a sure-fire way to over stimulate yourself with 2000 pieces of art.