Says Things From Another World marketing director Andrew McIntire:

We had a great turn out on the 1st, and everyone had an awesome time. The questions, as one might surmise, focus on comics, music, science fiction, television, and all things geeky. No sports and current events here—unless you consider LARPing a sport. :-)

The prizes change from week to week, but always include some mixture of gift certificates to Things From Another World, Comic and Toy Swag, and Bar Tabs. So, in short, no lame "Win a Hot Dog" prizes here. Also, there's no cost to play, and every single day of the week you can drop by :vendetta and pick up free *cough* vintage *cough* comics. The best thing about these classical gems being that there is a sticker inside the front cover and if you bring them to any Things From Another World store you can trade one in for a free comic of your choice.