...because liberals are pissed.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll coming out later today will show opposition to the health care bill growing—mainly from disappointed liberals, who are very much disappointed to see the public option getting thrown out. The poll has 47% saying the Obama health care plan is a bad idea, to only 32% who say it's a good idea.... In addition, 44% now say it's better to not pass this bill—seemingly a large bloc of conservatives, plus some liberals—to 41% who say it's better that something pass: "First time NBC-WSJ poll had that upside down."

Here's the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans: the leaders of GOP are terrified of their party's base. And they should be: the GOP's base is terrifying. The Democrat base—all those reasonable liberals and progressives and labor groups and queers—isn't going to get anything it wants until we learn how to be just as scary.