Time on Earth Running Out: Obama, et al, are working on a last ditch climate change agreement in Copenhagen.

GOP Blocks Money for Troops—Uh, what is this? Nobel Peace Prize winners wage war and Republicans won't sign over money for soldiers? Oh, wait, their planned anti-troop filibuster was just a way to delay health care reform.

Auschwitz Heist: What kind of asshole steals the "Work Sets You Free" sign from Auschwitz's gate in the middle of the night?

Food Stamps at Midnight: More Americans are using food stamps, even lining up at 11pm with groceries, waiting for cards to be refilled at midnight.

Saab Story: GM will let the Swedish car brand die.

Poking Your Privates: Ten privacy groups sue Facebook.

SURVIVOR PDX! Dozens of people audition for Survivor at the New Seasons Happy Valley store. Looks like it brought out the crazies...

Free Jeff Luers! Eugene's famous SUV-torcher is finally out of prison.