With the agreement of the esteemed Mr. Frank Cassano, I'm paraphrasing his "Imbecile Parade" title to throw the spotlight on the city's most ignorant hillbillies, the commenters on KATU's website. The station covered yesterday's grand opening of Sellwood's "Bike Boulevard" which essentially makes SE Spokane a lot more bicycle friendly by adding "pinch point" intersections. It's also much safer for everyone involved (even cars) because it encourages cyclists to avoid the wildly congested Tacoma Avenue. Everybody's happy, right?
WRONG! Let's hear what a few of the KATU hillbillies commenting on this story have to say!

What a disgrace Portland is becoming. A bike boulevard? Didn't they already have that when they took out the old rail system along Oaks bottom?
Anyone have a car like Uncle Buck had so I can drive by these people and pollute the air? Or sit at traffic lights and do burnoffs?
Portland City Council....what a disgrace. Anytime Adams or Leonard speaks...break out the checkbook. — Ponch John

I would like to see more police officers on bikes then. Policing the bicyclists! I have on several occasions been cut off, swerve or drive painfully slow behind a bicyclist who refuses to move off the road or out of the way. If cars were doing that the driver would get a ticket.
Most people are unaware that all laws that apply to someone driving a motorized vehicle apply to someone riding a bike.—KarateKa1997

Who is paying for all of this Mr. Adams?! Last I heard, cyclists don't contribute any money for all their paths and lanes. Doesn't Portland have more pressing and urgent matters than all the attention and money that is going toward their wants?—SaraM

I thought there was something recently published indicating a decline in cyclists in Portland. I've known a couple of them that currently no longer ride since they BOTH were hit by cars. Cars and bikes do not mix well. WHY is this city bent favoring the cyclist? When I'm driving in the rain and a cyclist is riding on side of the road, I can't help but think either he or she's an idiot or they had their license revoked from DUIs and they aren't allowed to drive a car.—Rick27X

I use to ride a bike oh when I was 13. We dont need to bow to these idiot bikers and what the hell is that pedophile still doing in office? —lonewolfsap

Keep it classy, KATU commenters! (And willfully ignorant!)