The city wrapped up the most intense part of its Portland Plan public outreach blitz last week, collecting survey data from an estimated 1,000 Portlanders during seven workshops over the last month. You can read all about the workshops on the city's slick website (or my take here).

What jumps out at me from the buttloads of data collected is the city-wide response to one question about transportation priorities. Asked what the city's top priority should be for its transportation budget, roughly 30 percent of Portlanders named improving mass transit. That's huge! More people identified mass transit as the top priority for the city than maintaining current streets (which clocked in at about 22 percent). Also, Bike/ped projects scored way higher than their current funding level, with 18 percent of Portlanders saying bike projects should be the city's #1 transportation priority.

Also interesting: check out how few people said freight should be the top priority. It's a measly two percent. That's ironic, seeing as the largest transportation project in our region right now is the Columbia River Crossing, a $3.6 billion bridge being strongly sold as a necessary project because it improves freight travel. This is just one of a hundred ways to say "We Don't Want It!"

Anyway, check out the breakdown by neighborhood:

Old Town
  • Old Town

Wilson High (SW Portland)
  • Wilson High (SW Portland)

Mt. Scott (SE Portland)
  • Mt. Scott (SE Portland)

World Trade Center (business, downtown)
  • World Trade Center (business, downtown)

St. Johns (North Portland)
  • St. Johns (North Portland)

David Douglas High (East Portland)
  • David Douglas High (East Portland)

Beaumont (NE Portland)
  • Beaumont (NE Portland)

All this data is just from the workshops, so it's preliminary. It doesn't include the 1,768 surveys filled out online or the two mail crates of surveys Portlanders have filled out and mailed in. You can still submit an online survey here.