Hey, it's Mayor Adams' year in review video! This week the mayor's team posted a video looking back on 2009. Can you guess what's not mentioned even in cryptic diplomatic language?

That's right, the mayor's vision of 2009 includes absolutely zero mention of any scandal. I thought he would spin it with some sort of "we've been working through tough times" language but nope! Zip! Zilch! It's a squeaky clean version of the mayor's first year in office.

We did our own round up of the mayor's progress back after his first 100 days and the video points to some of the strong points we highlighted then. Adams' year in review video deservedly crows about successes like keeping arts funding consistent despite the recession, approving the Climate Action Plan and turning City Hall's lawn into a vegetable garden. But even this rosy vision of the past year has some cringe-worthy gems, like a Timbers-scarf-clad Adams uttering the phrase, "Now we speak the language spoken by more cities and more people around the world and that is the language of soccer football!"