Remember when we blogged about Indie Comic Book week—a week during which, because Diamond Distributors won't be shipping any new comics, participating retailers will dedicate their new-release shelves to showcasing independent creators? Well... it's now!


Until 7 pm today at Things from Another World's Hollywood store (4133 NE Sandy), meet indie comics creators Paul Guinan (Boilerplate), Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Neal Skorpen (Island of the Moths), and Jason Martin (Zombie Tramp). Plus, everything else in the store is 10% off, and they've launched a new page on their site dedicate to indie comics.

Cosmic Monkey (5335 NE Sandy) is also having an ICBW sale. From their website:

December 30th is a skip week for our main distributor due to holiday shipping delays. Blackest Night #6 will be the only new book on the stands. So we're joining with other retailers across the country to highlight our fine assortment of alternative, small press, weird and different mini comics and graphic novels available for 25% off cover price from Wednesday, December 30th thru Friday, January 1st.

Indy books are anything creator owned and published, or creator owned and published by a small press publisher or distributor. Everything in our upstairs mini-comic area is on sale. Everything in our indy graphic novel section is on sale. Anything pubished by Marvel, DC or Dark Horse is not included. Some Image books will be included, but only creator owned and produced books - meaning the owner of the material is the only one to work on it. Walking Dead is excluded, as are all studio line books such as Top Cow and Wildstorm.

Related note: The TFAW-hosted Geek Trivia Night at Vendetta last night was fun, though there is some dispute over whether the lungs are in fact the body's heaviest organ (And also, why we were answering anatomy questions instead of questions like, say, "Who was the helmsman of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B?"*)

*reference provided by actual nerd.