I was at MOMA in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, still on vacation when I found out there were two inches of snow on the ground in Portland. My first thought was, "Well, that's settled. There's no way I'm making it home tonight." My flight would be canceled, bus service nonexistent, the roads impassible just like last year's Snowpocalypse.

But bizarrely, everything went fine. My flight landed on a de-iced PDX runway at 10pm, the MAX was on time and I joined a small crowd of travelers downtown at the 14 bus stop after midnight to catch a bus running relatively according to schedule.

My commute was flawless, but three polls posted on the Oregonian website skew toward hysteria. Last night TriMet had 50 buses running with chains, nine lines on snow routes and two lines canceled but as of today at 12:25pm, only three Trimet bus routes still have service alerts because of the storm.

So are the Oregonian polls legitimate whining or did we actually handle the snow okay this time around? Any fuck ups?