Having just returned from two weeks in Blighty I had the pleasure of checking my Bloglines server this morning—talk about logjam. Since it took me an hour or so (two hours...maybe three) to get through them all I figured you might be interested in a few of these random posts you missed over the last two weeks, if you, like me, were elsewhere for the holidays. Consider this a virtual tour round my brain this afternoon, if you will, from the safety of your internet browser. First up, Food Dude posted this video of rats in Honolulu:

Anna Griffin piggy backed on not one, but two stories broken by other local reporters, there's a nutria fashion show in New Orleans, which will doubtless trouble many of us nutria lovers here in Oregon, Bikeportland has a roundup of New Year's resolutions by bike advocates including our own Sarah Mirk, the Portland Observer quotes another MidWestern businessman crying foul over Rose Quarter developer Cordish, Commissioner Leonard's blog says his reception area chairs were urinated on, Overheard in Portland keeps churning them out, there's a great lecture on John Yeon's architecture tomorrow at noon, former Oregonian arts editor Barry Johnson offers a last few thoughts from his desk before departing to do something "radical," the Trimet Barber strikes, and someone gets arrested for pointing a gun at two boys wielding snowballs.

Have a banana.