SIN—It's Service Industrial Night at Ground Kontrol, so go spend your hard-earned New Year's tips on vintage videogames—with discounted PBR and High Life all night. MD
w/DJ Tibin; Ground Kontrol, 511 NW Couch, 9 pm, FREE

MUSIC—Portland singer/songwriter Leonard Mynx recently dropped Le Petit Mort, an ultra limited-edition album of generous, gorgeous songs. It's a preview of coming attractions, as he's hoping to give those songs—and more than a dozen others—a proper release this year; in the meantime, check him out in the cozy confines of Valentine's. NL
w/Albuquerque Boys Choir, Trevor Giuliani; Valentine's, 232 SW Ankeny, 9 pm

You need stuff to do—we've got stuff to do. My, What a Busy Week.