No, I'm not talking about last year's devastating "flu" that ravaged the Mercury after a summer office mixer that no-one seems to remember very well. Although, suffice it to say, in place of mints there was a bowl full of antibiotics on the reception desk for about a month. But, like I said, I'm not talking about that... anymore than I already have. I'm talking about viral videos, many of which you've seen posted right here on Blogtown! has taken the liberty to splice and edit last year's viral "hits" into one seven-minute long video. Is it too much strangeness to view in one sitting. I believe so, but I'll also admit this compilation marks the first time I found keyboard cat even slightly amusing. Let's reminisce, shall we? And, as always, there is some NSFW language.

Here's to a new round of bizarre internet crap in the New Year/Decade.